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If you were to pick 10 of the top magicians in London, whether close up magicians or standup magicians, there would be one common similarity; all of them have a robust online presence, with great websites, and a thriving social media presence. What does this tell you? That being a magician is 50% talent, and 50% marketing yourself. If you are an upcoming magician in London, or have been there but don’t seem to be pulling big crowds yet, chances are that you haven’t positioned yourself well online. At ClickDo, we pride ourselves of being the missing link between your dreams, and helping get them to an online platform. In other words, we can help give your magician career wings to soar to heights you never imagined you would!

How do we do that?

  • One of the things we advice new and upcoming magicians is that they must reach out to the people, not wait for people to come find them. Thus, the first thing we do is help them design a detailed website. See the Magician website.
  • The detailed website will contain among other things, catchy photos of the magicians performing, videos, details of what audiences should expect, itinerary, and so on so forth. Basically, we’ll help package you to the prospective audiences.
  • The good thing with ClickDo is that we have worked with major magicians and performers over the years, and we know just what visitors are looking for. We also help you establish a strong social media presence where you can build a client base.
  • As your magician career takes off, we can also help design a site that has ecommerce capabilities. This means that prospective clients can book you online and pay online; this is the new trend, and all major magicians and artists have embraced it.


Take advantage of our professional and affordable SEO services today, and let’s help you advance your Magician’s career. Contact ClickDo today for a free quotation of our SEO services.

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