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This year has been one of the most progressive in terms of great literature, with a great selection of psychological thrillers, dark humor, fiction, twists and turns that are enough to make your imagination run wild. Nothing gets the juices flowing quite like a good book and a hot cup of coffee. Now that its only few months to the end of 2018, Deal Voucherz gives you a list of books that have made headlines in the U.K.

  1. The Queen of Bloody Everything: Joanna Nadin

First on the list is a story that touches, analyses and shows first-hand the dynamics of a modern day mother-daughter relationship. It follows an 8 year old Dido who has grown up with her mum Edie, who drinks, swears has sex contrary to what the norms of Suburban Cambridge expects of motherhood.

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Dido then grows up, falls in love and moves away, but then she is consumed with guilt about abandoning her mother, at which point the books takes a sadder note, as she begins to worry about her mothers health. The book is a must read as it focuses on mother-daughter relationship, a topic that not too many fictional writers take to heart.

  1. The Shepherds Hut: Tim Winton

Tim Winton takes us through JaxieClacktons story, a foul mouthed, crafty fugitive as he forms an unusual friendship with FintanMaGills, an Irish outcast who lives in a shepherds hut. The story focuses on the life of a damaged teenager who escapes his dead parents home in the pursuit of happiness, seeking someone her can be himself with. Its a great read, but I wouldnt recommend it for animal lovers, mostly because it contains a lot of goat eating.

  1. The Missing Girlby Jenny Quintana

This thrilling piece from Jenny Quintana takes you through cool twists as it tells the story of Gabriella, and her sister Anna. Gabriella disappears, and thirty years later, her sister, Anna, comes back to her childhood home and begins to put it all together in an attempt to figure out what happened to her sister. This fast paced thriller switches from past to present real quick, a total page turner that will definitely keep you on your toes.

  1. Ordinary People: Diana Evans

Another piece of genius from Diana Evans takes you through the story of couples drifting part, Damian and Stephanie, as well as Michael and Melissa are all facing what most couples go through. It takes you through the turmoil of Melissa emotional labor as she feels shes going mad. Stephanie and Damian on the other hand have never felt right for each other, and Damian has the hots for Melissa. A very relatable piece. Especially for couples going through similar experiences, definitely one you need on your reading list.

Beautifully written; all of them definitely worth checking out. You can get all of these from of Dealvoucherz Website,

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